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Venue policies


The Avalon Theatre, Stoltz Listening Room, and restrooms are wheelchair friendly and the elevator located in the lobby services all four floors of the building. The Theatre stage also has a manual lift to the stage. Reserved handicapped seating for all shows is available by calling the box office at 410.822.7299.


All our venues and events are intended for all ages unless otherwise noted in the event description.


We work hard to ensure that all Avalon Foundation events are safe and welcoming to  
everyone.  The Avalon is not a place for inappropriate, disruptive, or abusive behavior and we do not allow the following:

• Abusive or discriminatory behaviors related to gender, gender identity and expression,  
age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, or religion

• Deliberate intimidation

• Sustained disruptions

• Inappropriate physical contact or unwelcome sexual attention

• Illegal drugs, outside alcohol, or visibly intoxicated patrons, performers, or staff

• Carrying or possession of firearms or other weapons

• Smoking or vaporizing any substance inside of the venue


"The show must go on" is not just a cliche in the entertainment business, it is a central part of the contracts between venues and talent.  If the Avalon Foundation were to cancel a performance, the act is still owed for the performance.  Consequently, the Avalon Foundation stages all performances so long as the performer is present and able to play.

For our outdoor concerts and events, unless there is a state of emergency, we wait until 5 pm to announce whether to cancel the outdoor venue for the concert. At that time, we will post whether the show will be outside or inside the Theatre.  Please note that while we always try to have a rain venue, it is not always possible, and in that case the show may be cancelled.  Call the Box Office (410.822.7299) at 5 pm to hear the latest news or check our website and social media outlets.


Contracts between the Avalon and performers frequently include provisions that upon the sale of a ticket a large portion of the proceeds belong to the performer.  As a consequence, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges.

When the performer cancels, the Avalon Foundation makes every effort to reschedule in a timely way.  Full refunds are available if a performance is permanently cancelled or if the new date is not convenient to ticketholders.