Kat Parsons

  • Stoltz Listening Room
  • Doors: 7:30pm / Show: 8:00pm

A little bit Zen, a little bit playful, Parsons’ music balances on the dicey line between reality and fantasy, on the frontier that births imperatives, exclamations, affirmations. Instead of running from the duality of that place, Parsons mines it.

When Kat Parsons sings about life being lived, you can’t help but recognize your own story in the lines. An intrepid spirit in music as in life, she reaches deep and wide and leaves you exhilarated, comforted, understood. Connected, in a very human way. In an era anesthetized on spin, Parsons is distinctively real. Her music, irresistibly beautiful. Not unlike breathing.

Her July shows in the Stoltz will be a family affair featuring Julie Parsons (Kat’s mother) and Jon Parsons (her brother). It won’t be a surprise if you also see her father and Aunt make an appearance - all of whom have impressive careers of their own.