Crack the Sky

with guest Paul Lewis
  • Avalon Theatre
  • Doors: 7:30pm / Show: 8:00pm

Celebrating 45 years of musical brilliance since their acclaimed 1975 debut, Crack The Sky remains a pulsating force in rock music. Hailing from Weirton, West Virginia, this band transcends time, blending originality, humor, and polish into a sound that resonates with the pulse of the zeitgeist.

Led by the visionary John Palumbo, Crack The Sky refuses to rest on past laurels, steering towards an unwavering commitment to conquering the road ahead. In these challenging times, Palumbo envisions music as a catalyst for change. “I want people to think,” he emphasizes. “Entertainment is our craft, but the real magic happens in live performances. Crack The Sky has played with Frank Zappa, Styx, Foreigner, ZZ Top, Boston, and Rush, to name a few. Overall, I want people to be entertained and, more importantly, to think.”

Amidst the divisive landscape, Crack The Sky's music stands out as a unifying force. Their ear-rousing, soul-rattling, hard-charging compositions provide a common ground, bringing people together beyond the realm of differing perspectives. In a world seeking answers, Crack The Sky is the anthem that resonates universally—a band we can all believe in.

Just announced! Opening the show is Paul Lewis! Paul is a prolific singer/songwriter/producer and is the film composer behind the feature film "Days of Power." Currently, he is the lead singer of the Maryland-based band Y-NOT?!